Quick decisions pay off.

We decided to go to Switzerland or we were kinda force to do it since we received a phone call from our client. Nontherless 26h later we arrived to the desired destination.
Greeted wormly by Jeff (the customer) we went to his house where we were hosted throught most of the time in that wonderful country. And I mean really wonderful country full of valleys, creeks with azure water and mountains overgrown with lash woods. Lifetime is too short to capture all those beautiful landscapes into photos. Luckly Jeff also has artist’s soul so we were oftentimes stopping in random beautiful places in order to take pictures while driving a car. What you can see here is just a tiny fraction of what we brought with us from there. If you want to find more have a look at the photo-swisslane.com.

Tip 1

If you are two take two tripods so both of you can take pictures. I know it might not seen as a real pro tip but it was a problem for us. If you want to take proper landscape pictures be sure to bring a tripod with you.

Tip 2

Dark sky map is a great tool which shows where you will see the most starry sky and Switzerland is one of the European countries where night sky is literally full of stars.

Have a look and find out by yourself -> DarkSkyMap

You can climb mountains with your car.

We were amazed by the fact that no matter how remote from civilisation the place was, there was always asphalt road leading there. Streets wind around mountains and often when we drove there we felt edgy. Literally edgy since in some places we turned 10cm away from the edge right next to the slope which go 2000m down maybe more. There are places where you can get by your car and are situated so deep in the mountains nearly 4000 meters above sea level.

But it is also advantageous situation since you can carry much more photography staff especially when you are there to do some product photography. Yes, one of the main reasons why we went there was product photography shoot for Jeff. Since he want to run interior design decor e-commerce store we had to conduct such shooting. Rocks and mountains motives just the same like his website about which you can check here -> JD-Lanz.design.