Step 1. Logo design

Our favourite part is to create or upgrade brand logos. However in this case the customer didn’t want new logo. Regardless we tried to encourage her with our projects. All were rejected but we had fun and the project have been done that’s why we are showing it to you. Our priority is to upgrade your online presence but we always listen to customer’s guidelines.

Original logo

Our approach

Step 2. Website

With this website project we had to follow couple of rules set by the customer:

– Avoid sharp angles

– Blend gold-brown colours

– Use circles if possible

You can find 6 tabs there which is: Home, Services & Products, Shop (which will launch soon ????), About me, Contact and Vastu Design.
As you might suspect we also conducted a product photoshoots and portrait about which I will tell you more in the further part.
All of these tabs might sound obvious except “Vastu Design” which has been fully custom made in order to present the philosophy which stands behind interior designs which our customer is proud of.
Each tab is available in both German and English. website is cross-platform-responsive which is necessary these days when everybody uses different devices to display your website.

Step 3. Photography

Watch to be carful when it comes to copyrights and all author rights regarding images you want to use on your website. That’s why photography is also our field as it is often times necessary to bring a brand online presence to existence.

It was over a week of shooting for the customer. We conducted portrait and product photoshoots. In variety of condition, using natural and artificial lights, as well as wonderful landscapes of Switzerland. That’s how we brought to life (what we previously found unreal) the product photography you can find below. Obviously you can find more on the linked website of our customer.

Step 4. Corporate Design

When it comes to corporate design same rules applied as in website case. What customer wanted and what we believe is the best is to create catalogs, brochures and business cards in the same theme as the website which is our core. Have a look below and see what is the final outcome of the designs which we made.

Catalog (Frontpage)

Catalog (Inside)

Business card

Notice that the business cards are also rounded as the customer’s guidelines say.


The customer received SEO friendly website, responsive on all devices. Catalogs with 100% own content created on demand and coherent motives present in entire branding.

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Modern and professional approach to online brand presence is us. Creation of photography, corporate design & web design combined together in order to bring online identity to life.

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