Step 1. Logo change

As our aim was to create professional brand it is needless to say that the old logo (see below) were begging for change ever since the first day of its existence.
You can notice that the logo is strongly related with 3 keywords (consulting, planning, execution, later on changed to realisation) which are domain to the client’s profession. We decided to design three icons each representing the keyword.
After conversation with the customer we came to an agreement that theme of the entire branding must be related with mountains. Which are a huge inspiration to our customer who same time happens to be an architect and hiking lover.

Old logo

New logo

Fun fact is that the customer accepted the first version of the new logo (that never happens).

Logo with the keywords and custom made icons representing each of the keywords.

Step 2. Website

As previously mentioned our motives were:

– Mountains, rocks

– Modern look

As the first point is simple since you only need mountains and rocks pictures. For which we went to Switzerland and took pictures of rocks and mountains about which you can find out more later on in this post.
The second part were achieved by the typography and minimalistic animations. Modern style is represented by simplicity therefore the typography must be plain without any decorations. Fonts changes everything regardless if its web or corporate design. It’s great fun to experiment with fonts and see how much it impacts overall website image.
When it comes to animations we must be careful in order not to overload the website. It will lead to slow loading-time which at all cost we must avoid.That’s why we limited ourselves mostly to just header animations. This are the first contents drawn by our web browsers while visiting websites.

Brand.Creator with Comfortaa font

Brand.Creator with Tinos font

Notice how different web design experience is delivered with different fonts.

On JD-Lanz website you can find 6 tabs which is: Home, Projects, Store, About me, Contact and New Developments.
I will not describe each of them as it is pointless when you can have a look and see it by yourselves. What you should see for sure is Home tab as the header animation is just on point regarding client’s guidelines and our web design skills.

Each tab is available in both German and English. website is cross-platform-responsive which is necessary these days when everybody uses different devices to display your website.

Step 3. Photography

So we went to beautiful and romantic Switzerland which is spited into different language speaking cantons. We were amazed by how high in the mountains you can get with your car. Tunnels and winding around mountains roads can get you up to 4000m above sea level. Therefore travelling with full photography equipment is simple there.

As our client wished to have Swiss rocks and mountains motives present throughout all designs therefore we took wonderful landscape pictures which fraction of you might find below. I would also recommend to read our blog post with report straight from Switzerland -> Here

This alway amaze us when all contents created for the specific website were custom trimmed up to client need and we didn’t have to supply ourselves from the external sources.

Step 4. Corporate Design

The corporate design is coherent with the entire branding so again you will find presence of rocks and mountains. This part is similar to web designs except coding we are translating all designs into vectors so you can print it out. Have a look below and see what is the final outcome of the work.

Catalog (Frontpage)

Catalog (Inside)

Business cards with new logo.


The customer received SEO friendly website, responsive on all devices translated into two languages. Catalogs with 100% own content created on demand and coherent motives present in entire branding.

About Us

Modern and professional approach to online brand presence is us. Creation of photography, corporate design & web design combined together in order to bring online identity to life.

We design with love & dedication
~Brand.Stones Team

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