1. The influence of a virtual tour on Local SEO

Local SEO is usually a misunderstood element of the online visibility world for local Businesses. Most owners don’t see the importance of investing in a good Local SEO strategy because the results of SEO are not always black and white. It usually takes a minimum of 3 months to see actual results, and most people that don’t control their Google My business listing are not even aware that they can track the results of their Local SEO campaign.

Basically, Google My Business (GMB) has its own version of Google Analytics. By having access to this type of data, any business would clearly see the value of local SEO, in-fact they would see how much in-store traffic they generate with their current listing.

Virtual tour of “Drevny Kocur” in Wrocław (Poland)

By taking this tool and by creating a profile for some of our clients we were able to collect enough data to prove our point. Google Street View virtual tours affect your local SEO.  Here is why:

There is no clear statement from Google or any other big data company that proves the actual SEO value of street view tours.

On the other hand, Hubspot, MOZ, and Google helped us understand that the value that it provides is mostly indirect but still relevant. In fact, here are some stats that help explain what I’m talking about. In 2017, MOZ created a blog post about the top 8 criteria that affect your Local SEO.

From this list, behavioral signals and social signals lead us to realize that there is, in fact, a correlation between the ability to find you easily via local search and the implementation of your tour on Street View.

2. Virtual Tours increase interaction

You have probably read some other blogs about content marketing and the importance of it. Content is presented in different forms. Video, Photo, Text, Audio, etc. By creating content and by publicising it on different social platforms (GMB included), you sure help your brand. But don’t forget that there is a proper way to do this. In fact, posting recycled content and unattractive pieces of content will certainly not help your cause. In the end, it’s all about the engagement between your brand and your audience and they are not going to engage with boring content.

As we previously explained, 360 pictures are still something new for most people. Sharing this type of content puts you a step higher than competitors that are not doing it.

The best example I have is the 3D virtual tour of this apartment for rent in Poznań.

Virtual tour of apartment in Poznań (Poland)

3. Virtual tours generate massive organic reach

Of course, I kept the best part for last. The undervalue of virtual tours is crazy to me. I have rarely seen products that have generated this amount of organic views for this amount of effort. Google has shown that the usual ROI of a virtual tour is 4 weeks. This is when calculated with the usual price of 497$. (Don’t worry, we’re not that expensive)

As an example please have a look at the screenshot of our Google Street View account where you can see total amount of views for our Virtual Tours.

For last 4 months we gathered over 140k views. That’s a spite of organic search.

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